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Carpet Maintenance

Maintaining carpet through regular vacuuming, deep cleaning, and stain removal will extend the life of the carpet (ground in soil particles weaken carpet fibers).

Dirt and grit damage carpet by rubbing against carpet fibers. Carpet sweepers and rakes can remove surface dirt, but regular vacuuming (as often as possible-some manufacturers recommend one day per week per person in the household) prevents the deep abrasion that ruins carpet. Remember to empty the vacuum or change the disposable bags often.

Carpet should be deep cleaned with hot water extraction (steam cleaning) every 12 to 24 months. Steam cleaning involves spraying a high-pressure solution of water and detergent and vacuuming the dirty solution. Refer to the manufacturer's warranty for the recommended deep cleaning method.

Cleaning Hardwood Floors

Each floor has its own manufacturer cleaning recommendations

These are printed or inside each box. They re actually quite useful and you should go by them as much as possible.

Keep your floors looking beautiful for years

Screening and top coating is a method of renewing the finish on a wood floor without actually removing the old finish and sanding down the wood. It will repair most signs of wear and create a uniform, sealed surface on the floor. It is relatively quick and inexpensive and can be repeated indefinitely.

Our Flooring harmonizes with the environment

To clean a factory urethane finish, simple water (applied with a slightly damp mop, never a wet mop) is effective at removing most scuffs, dried spills, and dust film, but for a more thorough cleaning look for a non-toxic cleaner formulated specifically for hardwood floors such as Bona-X Floor Cleaner. Floor waxes, oil soaps and petroleum-based cleaners should not be used under any circumstances.


Felt padding should be permanently attached to the legs of all furniture before it is moved into the space.

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